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We aim to achieve long-lasting change in our patients, and empower them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to maintain optimal health.

Our approach to assessment and treatment considers the contribution of biomechanical factors (the way in which our body is managing loads) aswell as other important factors (psychosocial) such as sleep, stress, exercise, anxiety, amongst others, that are known to significantly affect one’s pain experience.   In addition to hands-on treatment and targeted exercises, we aim to help you to understand your symptoms and how best to overcome them.


“I have regular maintenance sessions (as I call them) to support an ageing and damaged back. I’m convinced Alison helps keep me focussed, pain free and upright! After a session of gentle mobilisation I feel so much better. She tailors exercises to individual needs, has realistic expectations and sets goals accordingly.” Marlene Wardle

“Alison has been patching me back together on and off for the last six years.  I seem to be reasonably injury prone but generally with a few sessions with Alison I am back on my feet. Each injury is always dealt with in a professional manner with a quick recap of how it occurred, then hands on treatment and sending me off with exercises to do at home before the next session. Generally within a few sessions injuries are well on their way to being fully recovered.  I would highly recommend Alison to anybody looking for an osteopath.” Elliot Cox

“Alison has been great: extremely professional and focused on the whole person, working with me, not on me. I had acute lower back pain, which was so bad I could barely move. Pain relief and muscle relaxants prescribed by my GP helped but were only a partial and short term solution to my problem. Alison got me on top form and helped me back to using the gym and exercising regularly. She also made me more aware of how I could take better care of my body myself.” Nick Lipley

“I have the highest opinion of Alison, who has seen me through several types of injury, in one form or another. She has always been responsive and professional, giving full explanations of hands-on treatment and encouraging me to follow-up with strengthening and mobility exercises. I do not hesitate to recommend her.” Ingrid Sellman  

“I went to see Alison with painful leg and limp. Excellent diagnosis and treatment meant pain and limp went. The exercises I was given to do in between appointments really helped and were not difficult to do. My son had very bad backache and could hardly move. His treatment really worked quickly and allowed him to get back to work – again with simple exercises which worked! Highly recommended.” Mary McCormack

I was recommended to see Alison by a family member and at the time I was a complicated case. I could not sit or stand or sleep without pain. With attention to detail and careful thought Alison has unravelled my problems one by one over 4 months, to a point where I am now on a maintenance programme ( as my life is so high impact) and I am doing great. She is so professional and so skilled. Don’t leave it, make an appointment.” Thank you Alison! Lisa Ede

“Alison has been wonderful helping me with a long term back issue I’ve had. Highly recommend.” Mark Burton