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Your consultation, assessment & treatment

We are interested in how your body functions, and will be looking at how each area of your body is affecting the rest of your body. This is done by way of assessing joint range and control of motion as you carry out functional movements, i.e., movements you make carrying out daily activities. To this end, a significant part of the assessment, and treatment, is performed with you upright and moving.

Couch based assessment and treatment provides further information on joint range of motion and the condition of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, connective tissue), and allows a whole range of techniques to be performed with the patient in a relaxed position.

Our in-depth understanding of functional biomechanics – i.e., how the altered mechanics in one area affects the rest of the body – enables us to effectively establish the nub of the problem, and develop a structured treatment program that addresses both symptoms and cause.

What to wear? What to bring?

It’s helpful to be able to see the contours of your body, and not work through too many layers of clothing, but it is important that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You may wish to bring a pair of shorts, and for females, either a bra, sports bra, or swimsuit, with a thin vest, if you prefer. Please bring any relevant x-ray, CT, MRI scans and blood test results and reports.

Home exercise programme

You will usually be given exercises to perform at home. These will be tailored to you and, therefore, won’t apply to others even if they have similar symptoms.

We can also help with:

• Neck and shoulder pain
• Knee pain
• Foot pain
• Sciatica
• Low back pain
• Improved mobility and posture
• Falls prevention
• Hypermobility